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While it’s still cold out and the grass is still brown, now’s a great time to start drooling over a new mower for next season.  And if you’ve got more than a postage-stamp’s worth of land — like I wish I did — you’ll need a rider, and the ultimate riders are hydrostatic “zero turn radius” mowers like this one from Troy-Bilt.

I’m sure you’ve seen these used by pros, but for just $2,400 you can have your own.  Before you start laughing, take a quick spin down to the local big-box and check out what you’ll pay for a crappy standard mower with an engine that’ll only last a season or two.

The one pictured is a 42″ model powered by a sweet 19-HP Briggs & Stratton.  It’s easy to drive; each of the two levers on either side of the seat controls an independent hydrostatic transmission.  You drive it just like a tank: Both levers forward = go, both back = back, and opposite levers spin in place. 

Mmmmm.  Tanks.

There’s a ton more information about these (and their larger and smaller siblings) at the Troy-Bilt site.  Just think, if you started saving now you might be able to afford one by summer.

RZT 42 Zero-Turn Mower [Troy-Bilt]


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