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We’re sure you’re familiar with RIDGID’s power tools by now, but did you know they also make a few hand tools?  We were specifically impressed with their aluminum pipe wrenches — great for working on pipes over your head where it hurts to hold the wrench up.

The aluminum RapidGrip comes in two sizes — a 14″ and an 18″.  The smaller one can handle up to 2″ pipe or 1-1/2″ fittings while the big one’s good for 3″ pipe and 2-1/2″ fittings.  The small one weighs just 2.1 lbs.

Street pricing for the 14″ starts around $40, and the 18″ starts around $70.  They’re — not surprisingly — more expensive than steel versions.  That’s a lot of aluminum!

The Aluminum RapidGrip [RIDGID]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: RIDGID’s Aluminum RapidGrip

  1. Roscoe says:

    For as long as I can remember, Ridgid has been associated with plumbing tools in my head, particularly big, sturdy pipe wrenches. In fact, we’ve got some 3′ long Ridgid wrenches that bear a “Lifetime warranty” decal. This sparked a good discussion in our shop earlier in the week about what ever happened to Ridgid. I don’t see their plumbing tools for sale as often as I used to, and it seems like they’ve wed themselves to Home Depot for most of their product line. Does anyone know if Ridgid has become a Home Depot “store brand”? I can only imagine taking a lifetime warrantied wrench into Home Depot to try and get a replacement; I’m sure they neither carry them or would understand why I was bringing a 20 year old tool I bought somewhere else into their store.

  2. I noticed on http://www.marylandiplaw.com/08civ00311.pdf that Ridge and Superior Tools are been sued for patent infringement and supplying Home Depot and Lowes who are selling to consumers a knock off pipe wrench invention by Ridge Tools called Rapid wrench and a Super wrench by Superior tools.

    Fasmac wrench are stating the Rapid wrench and Super wrench are infringing their patent rights and Home Depot and Lowes are selling knock off product.

    I notice there are also other exact copies of the Fasmac which another wrench called the Hawk wrench is sold by General tools.

    I would like to know what is going on and have Ridge; Superior and General Tools to clear the air about the matter as I have introduced my latest PCT patent wrench invention http://www.myark.com to Ridged, Superior and General tools but so far not any response from them and after seen http://www.marylandiplaw.com/08civ00311.pdf I am very worried they could be knock offs of inventors ideas.

    These companies advertise for inventers to show our ideas to them but at the same time they are been sued for patent infringing and said to be knocking of the Fasmac pipe wrench invention.

    Also they should write back to the inventor when they send pictures of ideas to at least say, not interested than leave the inventor in the dark.

    I hope Ridged and Superior tools make it loud and clear why they are been sued for patent infringement as well for Home Depot and Lowes to explain why they are selling product invention that has owner ship disputes or in other words knock off products as Fasmac hold a patnet and Home Depot and Lowes ignore the USA patent that was granted to Fasmac.

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