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I swear by my 2 AA Maglite.  When I was playing in a band, I used to carry one around in my gig bag.  (Ever try fixing your rig on a dark stage?)  Later when I was recording I carried one in my gear bag for the same reason.  I also keep one in the truck’s glovebox.  I love the fact that they’re as durable as the big ones, but much more portable.  Now they’re available with factory-installed LEDs.

Other than the new LEDs, these are pretty much the same lights I’ve come to know and love.  It’s still got the great optics — save the “hole” in the middle — and “candle mode” where you remove the lens to light up the whole room.  I’ve used “candle mode” on numerous occasions, sticking the light into a piece of gear to see what’s up.

One thought though: Give the black models a pass.  Flashlights are only really useful in dark rooms, and in dark rooms black flashlights disappear.  The shiny silver model shows up much better when you drop it.

Street pricing starts around $20.

2/3 AA Mini Maglite LED Flashlights [Maglite]
Street Pricing [Froogle — Note: Ignore upgrade kits in the search results]


One Response to Finds: Maglite’s 2/3 AA LED Flashlights

  1. Stuey says:

    I picked up a 3-AA LED flashlight just yesterday for $23 at Target. I love it!

    I compared the AA LED flashlight with my standard one, and slapped an upgrade kit into my D cell battery. I noticed something – the AA sized LED flashlights are redesigned. The entire head unit is different than on an older style AA torch. It’s longer with a very narrow angled reflector. The D cell units are unchanged so it’s easier and cheaper to slap in an upgrade kit.

    An upgraded D cell is identical to an old styel D cell in body and head unit. Slapping in a NITEIZE upgrade into an AA unit will not achieve the same effect as a standalone AA LED maglite.

    Anyways, my 3 cell AA maglite is actuall brighter than my upgraded 2D maglite. I can’t find upgrades for my 3D cell but I think it’s safe to assume that it’ll be similar in effective brightness to the 3 cell AA.

    The basic NITEIZE upgrade is $10. A basic 2AA maglite is $9. For $3 more on top of that, one can get either the 2AA or 3AA in LED versions with the newer (and presumably better) head unit.

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