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It’s got a name that only the Home Shopping Network would love, but the Glass Master Pro is useful for getting to all of your windshield, even if you’re short. That might make it worthwhile, even if the propaganda site does use the word “amazing” a hundred freakin’ times. They’ve also got the full-on “now you can clean crap you had no intention of cleaning anyway” video, which is amusing.

The spade design on the cleaning head is good for corners, and the pivot bar on the stick allows you to clean one-handed while sitting in a front seat like a normal person instead of cramming your fingers down in a space where they’re obviously not meant to be.

Amazingly, the glass master pro isn’t very expensive.  You can have one for the the low, low price of $19.95… or $9 if you look around a bit.  Or hell, just wait six months or so and keep an eye out for them in discount bins at any of the “marts.”

Glassmaster Pro [K Tool international]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. My local discount auto chain (Murray’s) has had these on the shelves for years, and they never seem to go on discount.

    Just use a Swiffer. Get one with the two-part handle so you can twist off the end and just use the short part that fits in the car. Push your favorite paper towel or cloth diaper into the grippers, and have at it.

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