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Call me a weenie if you will, but I actually like to use insulated screwdrivers even for things like installing a light switch.  Sure, it should be off, but why take the chance?

The one pictured above is from Wiha, who makes some seriously sweet screwdrivers, but you can also find them at pretty much any hardware store for cheap.  Even if you’re not an electrician, there’s really no reason not to have at least one medium Phillips and one medium standard around the house.

A #2 Phillips insulated runs about $7 direct from Wiha, and they also sell a wide variety of sets starting with a 4-piece at $25 up to an 11-piece (that includes pliers as well) that’s currently on sale for just under $100.

The street pricing search below returns dozens of options.

Insulated Tools [Wiha]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: An Insulated Screwdriver (or Two)

  1. Coach James says:

    I bought the 4 piece set of these recently when I was installing some new circuits in my garage and replacing a bunch of switches and outlets in my building. Had to get them out of town because the only thing local was some Task Force ones from Lowes.

    The Wihas are excellent. No hand fatigue and no problems with cam out etc.

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