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Sick of giving up half your power strip outlets to wall warts that cover more than one plug?  Try this: The Power Squid treats ‘warts and single plugs equally.

Richie writes: “This is great for the workshop or anywhere else where you have several huge adapters that plock other outlets.  It can be found most cheaply at Home Depot or Radio Shack.”

There are three models available, but only one makes sense for the shop: the “outlet multiplier” version.  (The others include surge protectors that can’t handle the power flow of tools and chargers, and they’re expensive, too, starting at around $70.)  The plain black “outlet multiplier” goes for $12.  Of course, if you’d like the surge protector variety, they’re available.

Indeed, street pricing starts as low as $10 if you’re willing to shop around, and they don’t go too much higher than $20 in stores.

The Power Squid [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Reader Finds: The Power Squid

  1. And if you want to use your existing plug or power strip with those “wall warts” look for something marketed as “outlet saver”. It’s basically a 1ft extension cable.

  2. The “outlet saver plus” is pretty cool too, it has a passthrough female piggybacked on the male end, plus the female on the end of the footlong cord. I have a few IEC-plug computer power cords with those passthrough plugs, and they’re great when traveling.

    Picture yourself at the airport gate, having arrived like 6 hours early to deal with security, and now with LOTS of time to kill before boarding. You and two other laptop users are eying the sole outlet. You’re sizing each other up… okay, the guy with the Dell sees your Toughbook and knows that you could take him. The chick with the Fujitsu, on the other hand, you’d rather not piss off. Glances are exchanged.

    Then you remember! Reaching into your pack, you pull out the piggyback plug and hold it aloft. Faces smile with comprehension. You plug in. She plugs in. He plugs in. Everyone has green battery lights. There will be no blood spilled today.

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