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SK Hand tools announced their new line of dead blow hammers today.  All four new models are made in the USA and feature fully molded Trucothane (read: rubber plastic coating) shells that protect the head from splitting, even when you do incredibly stupid things with ’em.  (What else are dead blows for?)

The dead blow hammer is called such because of its shot-filled canister that counteracts a hammer’s natural tendency to bounce back.  The steel canister is welded to the rod and fully incased in the handle for safety.

The rubber coating also reduces the risk of flying chips when you bash on hard metal — and reduces the chance of leaving marks or producing sparks when striking.  After striking, the face of the hammer remains in position without the damaging effects of rebounds.

SK says it also “outlasts rawhide, brass, lead, nylon and other plastic type heads by 10-20 times.”  So they’re built to last.

The new hammers come in standard head, slim-line, deep-throat (stop snickering) and sledge configurations, and they’re available in different weights as well.

They’re not widely available from the usual supects yet, however pricing from SK places the new line of hammers at $29 to $80 depending on model and weight.  Normally street pricing is a bit lower.

Dead Blow Hammers [SK Hand Tools]


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