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tm-update.jpgWe’ve received quite a bit of email over the last few weeks asking about the fate of our “Week in Tools” podcasts.  Rest easy — they’re returning next week after some time off to revamp and improve them.

In fact, starting next Friday Toolmonger will produce and release two podcasts.  The first, Tool Talk, will replace the “Week in Tools” ‘cast with additional content including a rundown of the week’s top tools from Toolmonger, answers to called-in questions, and a weekly feature.  Next friday’s feature will be “getting started with plasma cutting,” for which we’re joined by a long time welder from Hobart.

Tool Talk also gives you the chance to call in with your own questions regarding tools, home improvement, automotive mods/repairs — hell, pretty much anything even remotely tool related.  Since podcasts aren’t recorded live, listeners will leave their questions on a voice mail system we’ve set up, and we’ll respond to them in future podcasts.  The advantage of this is that — unlike most live radio call-in shows — if we can’t answer the question, we can make some calls and find someone who can.  And believe me, writing about tool all day every day means we have one hell of a Rollidex.

Wanna know how tool companies measure drill torque?  Need to know how to adjust a door?  Ever wonder how modern electronic car transmissions work?  Hit us up.  We’re up to the challenge.  The voice mail system’s already set up, so if you’d like to get into the first show, give us a call right now toll-free at (866) 718-9403.

Our second podcast will be called “One Beer Projects” and will feature quickie projects you can do in ten or fifteen minutes.  This ‘cast will last only about five minutes and will release at least weekly — though possibly more often.

So there you have it.  New podcasts next week.


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