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Those of you who caught the Mythbusters “pirate special” last week on Discovery may have — as we did — risen a little out of your chair when you saw Tory “sharpening” a kife with an angle grinder.  The result was, well, not promising.  What they really needed was a workstation like this one from Burke.

Rarely — if ever! — is actual grinding required to put an edge back on something that was once sharp.  Even creating an initial edge can often be accomplished by simply using a coarse grit on a paper wheel.  Burke’s unit gives you everything you need: an abrasive paper wheel, a leather wheel, and a buffing wheel.

Two of the Burke’s 8″ wheels are covered with 100-grit and 200-grip abrasive paper.  The unit is 16″ tall and rotates at a fixed 430 RPM.  And if you really want to get janky, you can pick up plain paper wheels for your standard grinder at home, then apply your own varying grit.

The unit lists for $355, and is sold direct.

The Burke Power Sharpener [WoodcarversWarehouse.com]


3 Responses to Finds: The Burke Power Sharpener

  1. Nick Carter says:

    That looks pretty easy to make, wheels aside – it’s just some shafting, pillow blocks and a motor.

  2. Agreed! Belts without guards, wheels without guards, and wheels without work rests are the sort of thing I expect from homebrew tools. What’s the deal here?

  3. I think all of the blade aficionadoes were already killed by the shock of the TWO Mythbusters swords-cutting-swords episodes :-).

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