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The market is totally flooded with gimmicky tools.  Seriously.  (And if you don’t believe us, just spend a night watching infomercials.  Damn!)  When we saw the Vpro Ratcheting wrenches, we couldn’t help but wonder if they’re really pro-grade. 

They do, however, have some cool features.  Essentially, these are your good ‘ole standard ratchets with the addition of a 72-tooth gear mechanism that provides 5° of sweep.  Oh yeah, and some MOMA-ish styling.

They look a lot like the GearWrench handles, but without the other cool GearWrench features.

If they’re durable, we’d welcome some standard ratches with tighter gearing.  But we have our doubts — especially with a name like pro-grade.  (It’s like they tell aspiring novelists: Show, don’t tell.)

Street Pricing starts at $37.

3 Pc. VPro Ratchet Set [Pro-Grade]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



3 Responses to Finds: Pro-Grade’s VPro Ratchet Set

  1. Harry says:

    They look like Chinese made knock offs of the Craftsman professional next generation fully polished thin profile ratchets. Of course, the 3 piece Craftsman set would run you about $80.

  2. The dual-drive ratchets posted on November 29th have a 72-tooth mechanism and I’m quite fond of mine. I have a stubby fixed-head which I’ve had for years, and a locking swivel-head I got a few months ago. Both seem solidly built.

  3. Jeff T says:

    I second what Harry says. They scream Craftsman knock-off. Nate: Have to agree about the dual-drive ratchets, too. Friend has some and they seem to hold up just fine. These I do not know about though.

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