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DeWalt’s 36V cordless package seems like a perfect match for a 1″ SDS rotary hammer, so it’s no surprise that they recently released one.  And it’s a beast, pushing 2.0 ft-lbs (not in-lbs) of impact energy.

This is power enough, according to DeWalt, to drill 1″ holes in concrete.

The DC233KL — as its known to DeWalt — is variable speed, delivering 0-4,400 blows per minute at 0-1,150 RPM.  It weighs a hefty-by-drill/driver-standards-but-light-by-rotary-hammer-standards 7.8 poinds and features a depth rod and 360-degree-swivelling side handle.

The kit version comes complete with two 36V batteries and a “heavy-duty” carry box.  Street pricing starts around $675. 

Heavy-Duty 36V Cordless 1″ SDS Rotary Hammer Kit [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Finds: DeWalt’s Big-Ass 36V Rotary Hammer

  1. TheMatt says:


    This is why now is a great time to be alive.


  2. Battery-powered hammer drills, and terabyte hard drives. It is indeed a glorious time. Of course, a few years ago I was saying the same thing about LED flashlights and gigabyte hard drives. Toys just keep getting cooler!

  3. R-Cain says:

    As usual DeWalt is trying to copy the industry leaders in their respective catagories. Hilti has had a high voltage hammerdrill on the market for quite a few years and has recently also updated to a 36 volt Lithium ion sds hammerdrill. The TE7-A which I have had the great benefit of using not only drills 1″ holes in stone with marvelous power, it has a chiseling feature. In addition the TE7-A is equipped with 3.3 aH batteries for extended battery life. If I’m not mistaken the Hilti will also hit harder and faster than this yellow and black imitator. Of course you’ll pay a premium price but you’ll get a much better tool, with much better performance and durability with a much much better no cost warranty.

  4. M Dorman says:

    You get what you pay for.
    I’ve had Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee & now I’ll save up & get Hilti all the way.

    In the UK The Dewalt 36v SDS is not all that much cheaper than the Hilti TE7A & the Hilti is of far better Quality – IMHO

    Had a V28 Percussion drill which ate its gearbox (replaced under warranty) & now its losing power – after 6 months !

    At least, with Hilti you don’t have to wait 4 weeks to get a tool back from repair & their tools have a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

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