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It’s definitely manly to get your hands dirty, but there’s nothing manly about showing up for a date with black crap ground into your pores and skin.  Nor is there anything particularly manly in using chemicals or stiff brushes that leave your hands looking like a burn victim.  Try this instead:

Dan writes: “This is a soft plastic-bristled nailbrush — ironically, it doesn’t work all that well at getting grime out from under nails because it’s a bit too soft, but it’s fantastic at getting ground-in dirt from the backs of hands, around cuticles, the crinkly bits of knuckles, etc.  And at $7.50 for a dozen, you can put them everywhere.”

The Lee Valley site says, “Since we introduced this, many of you have written to tell us that it is also an unequalled vegetable brush.”  The reason it’s a good vegetable brush is because it’s a vegetable brush.  I have one of thee in my kitchen, though I’d never though to use one the way dan suggests.  Come to think of it, though, I can totally see it working.

So, if you’re not patient enough for mail order, just pick up a small-bristled veggie brush from Target and give it a shot.

The World’s Kindest Nail Brush [Lee Valley]


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