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Think of this tool as the half-way point between a winch and a come-along.  Phillip writes: “You’ll want one of these if you use a come-along very often.  Warn just introduced a 110 VAC and a 24 VDC version, both of which come in chainsaw-looking cases and weigh just 15 pounds.”

Indeed, both the corded and the cordless versions each are rated at 1,000 pounds of lift or drag.  Each includes a variable speed trigger to help you control the pull speed, and they operate in forward and reverse.

One concern: I don’t really stretch many fences with my come-along, though I do use the crap out of it,  mostly to apply extreme force where nothing else — and least nothing else portable — will do the job.  I carry a 4,000 pound version, and I’ve used it to load cars before.  1,000 pounds might be a bit shy for many of my tasks.

I love the idea, though.  I wonder how huge a 4,000 pound version would be?

Another concern: Pricing.  We’ll find out shortly when it hits shelves.

The PullzAll Hand-Held Electric Pulling Tool [Warn Works]


3 Responses to Preview: Warn’s PullzAll

  1. hoohoo says:

    wheres the 500lb cordless version with the grapling hook attachment so we can all play batman? ; P

  2. Billy Redfeather says:

    United Rentals in Colorado sells them and rents them. I picked one up for 225 in Fort Collins…

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