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According to News8 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, a guy names Shawn Pruett hopped in a front-end loader and took it on a ride via public streets.  According to the articles, Pruett swiped the front-end loader — as well as a mini-excavator and a skid steer — in order to make some side cash doing a snow removal job.  But apparently that wasn’t all he did during his 16-hour joyride:

According to Police, Pruett drove his girlfriend’s kids to school in the front-end loader.  He also flipped a car upside down with the big machine.  “He said that he was angry and he didn’t want to take his anger out on people, so he flipped the vehicle,” said [Jessica] Hunt [an Idaho Falls patrol officer].

Ouch!  The good news, though: no damage to the construction vehciles, though Pruett did burn a ton of gas.

Idaho Falls Man Takes Loader on Joy Ride [LocalNews8.com] [via]


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