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You remember those skinny wrenches you used to get in the stock toolkit on a motorcycle or lawn tractor — you know, the ones that looked almost sturdy enough to do the job maybe two times before they snapped or bent into a pretzel?  Now you can have them custom made for you or get an entire set of them in standard or metric. 

Kidding aside, thin wrenches can be useful if clearance is an issue and the project doesn’t require a great deal of torque.  The thin construction doesn’t allow for lots of pressure but is good for large nuts that are easy to remove.

Easy, of course, is a relative term.

If you have strange utility purposes in mind, Thinwrench.com can make you a set (or a truckload) of custom thin wrenches to your very own specs.

The real beauty about thin wrenches is they are cheap — really cheap. Harbor Freight had a set on sale recently for around $4, so the investment won’t set you back a bunch. And hell, if they snap after a few uses, just throw them away.

If you had an abrasivejet at home, you’d probably cut these suckers out all the time. 

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  1. Rob says:

    I used to use a lot of these type of tools when I worked on bicycles. There are several spots where you need a thin wrench to tighten opposing nuts and the sort, also the pedals usually needed a thin wrench. These days I use a thin wrench on my lathe to remove the chuck from the headstock.

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