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Michael B. writes: “I picked up this set over a year ago and use them all the time. The spring loaded center punch is great for making sure you drill on center.  It makes a nice little divot that the drill bit or screw nestles right into.  The scribe is harder than anything else in my shop so it does a great job of marking where a pencil can’t.”

I have cheaper versions of each and use them regularly — mine are hand-me-downs — though I suspect that for $14 there’s no reason not to have a nice set like the one from Rockler.  A little Froogling shows the punch sold under some other names, but all pretty much more expensive — Sears sells it as the “Skill Tech,” for example, for $12 alone.

For what it’s worth, there’s really not much reason to ever drill without punching first.  Once you start, you’ll never go back to chasing the bit around trying to land it on the mark.

Center Punch and Carbide Scribe [Rockler]


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  1. Nick Carter says:

    The automatic center punches are great (so I hear) for breaking auto glass.

    Always pre punch holes in metal for drilling, or use a center drill (or both).

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