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CNN reported yesterday that Toyota’s recalling “about 533,000” Toyota vehicles including Tundra pickup trucks “to repair faulty components that could make the vehicles difficult to steer.  Pickups involved are between the 2004 and 2006 model years.

I’ve seen more and more Toyotas in use as work trucks in the last few years — as well as Nissans.  It seems like they’ve finally found their way out of the “mini-truck” wet-paper-bag, adding some pretty crazy features in the latest rounds of development. 

I’ll admit to being a bit old-fashioned: I drive a ’97 F150 with a ton of miles on it.  Of course, it’s seen its share of recalls as well, the most recent of which came in the mail with advice that I “not park the truck inside” until they could fit me in six months down the road to do the cruise-control recall.  Ouch!

Toyota to Recall 533,000 SUVs, Trucks [CNN.com]



2 Responses to Toyota Work Truck? Watch for This Recall

  1. Sean O'Hara says:

    I wonder if “difficult to steer” is corporate speak for the steering pin shears unexpectedly or something.

  2. bobert says:

    The cnn article says it is “defective front suspension lower ball joints”

    thanks for this, I have a friend with a toyota that probably would have missed the recall info

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