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First up in our new “cheap-ass tools” category — tools that are seriously inexpensive, possibly poorly made, and definitely useful: this two-piece set of plastic sawhorses from Harbor Freight.

For $17 — $8.50 each — you get a couple of sawhorses that they claim will hold 350 lbs.  Here’s a tip, though: Watch carefully as Harbor Freight puts these on sale for $6 each pretty regularly.

We have four of these in the Toolmonger shop, and while I seriously doubt that two of them would hold 350 lbs in any serious test, they’re hella-useful.  We’ve used them to suspend items we’re painting — ours are now fully Technicolor — and we use four of them under a half-sheet of 3/4″ plywood as a quickie welding table.

One part of the HF description is quite accurate: They weigh in at 4 lbs, which means you can easily hang four of them on a hose-hanger mounted way up on the shop wall, out of the way. 

Any hey — if you break one, who cares?  Just pick up another one the next time they’re on sale.  Hell, pick up ten of ’em and throw ’em in storage in case you have some crazy idea that requires a lot of sawhorses.

Plastic Sawhorses [Harbor Freight]


5 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Plastic Sawhorses from Harbor Freight

  1. jason p says:

    bought a set…….yeah, they will hold a couple of 2x4s or some trim……but i should have known better…….they will not hold up forever and definetly not alot of weight. but for a trim job they are alright

  2. Nicole says:

    Love these. We use them to create seed-sprouting benches with 2x4s in the basement.

  3. Nicole says:

    They are no longer cheap. Now they cost 11.99 each, on sale.

  4. I need Something put accross my driveway stop them making u turns into the driveway

  5. William Davis says:

    Have a two sets great for quick and easy yard sale tables. The old Addage applies here “You get what you pay For “.Quality doesn’t com e at cheap prices.

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