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Rob writes: “If you’ve ever struggled with getting a hose clamp off from an awkward place, you need these!  You just put the clamping head on the clamp and squeeze the handles — which lock — to open the clamp and hold it open to move it.  It’s a little on the spendy side if you don’t need them a lot, but it’s definitely the right tool for the job.”

Man, I can think of a number of times where this would have come in incredibly handy.  It lists for $72, but it’d be great to have in the toolbox.  (Damn.  You guys are gonna drive me into the poor house.)

You know what would be really handy, though?  A set of snap ring pliers that work the same way.  Sean and I were changing the water pump on a Porsche 944 a while back, and — as anyone dumb enough to own one of these knows — the thermostat is snap-ringed into the water pump pointing downward where you have to snake one hand in with a mirror on a stick and another hand in with snap-ring pliers to try and get the ring loose.  It’d be sweet if you could hook the ends carefully, then apply force via the flex-shaft.  Has anyone seen anything like this?

Hose Clamp Pliers w/22-1/2″ Flexible Shaft [Snap-on]



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