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Stanley’s owned the Bailey name and product line for a while now, and from all looks they’ve taken their ownership quite seriously.  The latest release of Bailey clamps — while Stanley branded and bathed in Stanley yellow paint, of course — bring a few refinements to the table.  My favorite: Stanley’s famous for their screwdrivers, and they’ve applied their refined screwdriver ergonomics to the clamp’s handle, which follows an almost identical form factor.

Specifically, the handle’s shape has three “lobes” which fit makes it fit easily into the palm of your hand and easy to repeatedly grip and release in different rotational positions.  Stanley’s also used a combination of rubber and harder plastic to make the handle feel firm and grippy.

Other features help as well: removable rubber jaw pads to protect soft items (or get out of the way when you need the accuracy), a removable bar, and the ability to quickly flip the end around to convert it into a spreader.

These come in a variety of lengths starting at 12″.  Street pricing starts around $12 for the smallest ones and goes up from there.

24″ Bailey Heavy-Duty F Clamp [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



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  1. Mark says:

    Here are some other “new” clamps (parallel jaw) out there:



    You might notice that the Woodcraft clamps are made by Bessey and that they look pretty similar to Bessey K-Body clamps. Apparently they are of slightly lower quality and hence also lower price.

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