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Much like a bird I am attracted to anything shiny. This is a well known fact around the shop, and (thanks to Chuck) all over the internet as well; almost anyone can tempt me with something as long as the word “chrome” appears in the sentence.  So as you might imagine, the name “Superkrome” grabbed my attention.

Superkrome is mega-shiny chrome designed to protect the tool from the crap found in harsh working environments — like oil, grime, and grease.  It wipes of easy when it comes time to clean the tools as the end of a job. 

As you might expect, the “flare nut” portion of the name referrs to how the wrenches are open-ended to fit over pipes and such, but “flare” around the nut farther than standard open-end wrenches to grab more of the fastener.  This helps to prevent rounding — especially on fittings made of softer materials like brass and aluminum.

Though in my opinion no price is too great for shiny things, obtaining this set of polished SK hotness will set you back over $80 — so it might not be first on the list of the casual DIY.

On the other hand, you should pick up a set of standard flare wrenches right now if you don’t already have some.  They’re great for break lines and other times where you must use an open-end wrench, but rounding the fastener would bring dire consequences.

Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench Set [SK]
Street Pricing [Foogle]



One Response to Finds: SK’s “Superkrome” Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench Set

  1. Old Donn says:

    Made mention of this in another post. I hope these work better than the standard SK flare nut wrenches I bought a few years back that aren’t worth the time it takes to talk about them. More stretch than the cheap set they were supposed to replace.

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