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Ever see somebody’s car get repo’d with some of those rolling lifts and think to yourself, “Wow.  That seems useful.  I could use that around the shop!”  Well if you did, movable car lifts are available and don’t require tons of foot pumping, either. 

You can slide your ride into a corner by yourself in a few minutes by placing the two rollers underneath each tire and ratcheting the rollers together.  The ratchet design operates by hydraulic pressure, so you can do the work one-handed.  The casters also spin 360° allowing you to wheel the car in any direction necessary.

Each lift has a 1,500-pound capacity, and they’re sold in sets of two.  So, if you want all four wheels supported you need two sets.

Did we mention that the rollers can fit tires up to 13″ wide?  Your Mickey Thompson’s will fit just fine.

Street Pricing starts at $299.

Hydraulic Movable Car Lifts [Griots Garage]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



7 Responses to Finds: Hydraulic Movable Car Lifts

  1. Rick says:

    I’ve been dying for a set of these since I first saw them… but a.) I have no real use for them… (Got a three car garage with three doors, and no room to slide a car any other way) and b.) Why are they so damned expensive?

    I can’t imagine that some angle iron and some rollers, and a welder and you couldn’t put something together yourself. (Ok, so I haven’t worked out a home-grown hydraulic solution yet.. gimme some time 😉 )

    I have seen them cheaper in other places – but not super cheap.. Also don’t know how well they work compared to the Griots Garage sets.

  2. Myself says:

    I want to get a set of these and run amok, turning cars around in their parking spots. Then sit nearby with a camera…

  3. Eli says:

    We use the branded ‘gojacks’ in a set of four for car commercials. Especially when shooting green screen, where you would want first one, then the other side of the car facing outwards from the screen for different camera angles. Sometimes even end for end. They make the relights easy because all you have to do is stomp each jack a few times to raise ’em up, and spin the car around. Also, most studio and local fire laws require removal of all the gas in the tank and the battery, which makes it a hassle to start up and drive. Only a few years ago you would have had ten people pusing the car first one way and then back to make a three hundred point turn, only to move the car laterally a few inches.

  4. Myself says:

    I’m glad they have different rules down at Cobo where the auto show is held, everyone just drives the cars in and hides the keys for the weekend. A few years ago they weren’t hidden very well (masking-taped under the seat) and some clever miscreants were starting cars and gunning the engines while they sat on their display stands…

    I hear they’re more careful about this now. 😉

  5. Those look useful! I will definitely have to pick up a couple sets of those. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Car Lifts says:

    These car lifts do look useful. I like the 4 post car lifts. Easy to use when you have to work under the car.

  7. SCCA racer says:

    We used these at a SCCA raving event to move a car that was left in the middle of the parking lot where we were going to race. We didn’t want to have the car towed, so we just put these under the wheels & rolled them out of the way. After we finished the owner came over & thanked us for not having his van towed. These are a lot easier to use than the cheap ones where you need a jack to get the dollies under the wheels.

    I can see these being useful in a crowded car dealership or repair shop, so they don’t have to startup every vehicle to get the one in the back out.

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