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Gandar writes: “I actually have this little heater in my shop and it’s worked wonders for me this winter.  The ability to direct a stream of heat without a fan is nice to keep a project area warm while still slowly warming the entire shop.  The cheapest I’ve found it was at Costco for $67.  It uses less energy than your standard space heaters as well.”

This week I’m all about shop heaters.  It’s been cold as hell in the shop while we’ve been out there putting together some upcoming projects and testing tools. 

While this looks like a great little heater, the picture — straight from Costco.com, linked below — cracks me up.  If you check out the site and look at the two “larger” pictures available, you’ll not that this is simply a Photoshopped version of the “inside” picture.  The table saw’s actually sitting on carpet and they dropped in a tool chest to make it feel more, you know, tool-ish.

The Presto HeatDish Parabolic Heater [Costco]


3 Responses to Reader Find: The Presto “HeatDish” Parabolic Heater

  1. Jake says:

    A friend of mine has something similar, if not the same thing, they use in an unheated enclosed portion between their garage and house. It worked well enough that it was uncomfortable to have aimed right at you (at least in the fall) so it was good that it oscillated as well.

  2. Bohemian says:

    Just bought a similar one as Sam’s Club. It is Optimus brand, 2 heat settings, 1-2-4 hr timer, oscillation, and a remote for 39$

  3. TL says:

    I’m fond of the oil-filled radiator-type for the shop. Red hot wires scare me a bit in any area that I’ll be filling with sawdust.

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