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Every time I’m at the auto parts store I leave a puddle of drool after gawking at the awesome heat sleeving that I just can’t justify putting on my ride.  That said I can’t wait for a reason to prod myself into spending the green and lining the hoses under the hood with some of the stuff. 

Flexo Pet is braided monofilament made from PolyEthylene Terephthalate — otherwise known as “that crap you can’t possibly pronounce” — a material that can withstand continuous operating temperatures of -103 degrees F to 257 degrees F, which puts it squarely into range of most automotive engine bay applications.  Did I mention it looks uber-sweet when all the hoses under the hood are decked with the stuff?  It’s easy to install; the only trick is that you cut it with a heat knife.

The more practical side — as if there’s really any need for one — is that it retains its properties in extreme temperature environments and won’t degrade in fluids or solvents (like anti-freeze) if you should happen to spring a leak.

Street Pricing starts at around 35 cents a foot.  It’s cheaper the more you buy, of course.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: Multi Purpose Heat Sleeving

  1. SCCA racer says:

    This stuff might look good on a custom show car, but some people have a tendency to over do it with bright colors under the hood. Blue or red hoses everywhere. Engines get dirty. That is why most factory stuff is black. The bright colors look good when you first put it on but & year later it looks like crap. Plus a weave like this I think would be impossible to clean completely. Stick with the black, & your good.

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