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We don’t get the chance to pick up the carving tools much around the shop, but when we do the respect we have for old-world craftsmanship just increases. Chiseling out a premeditated shape from a lump of wood is a bitch.  If you’re just getting started, you’re probably not shooting for Michelangelo’s David, but Flexcut’s sweet carving tools may help you improve your wannabe ashtray a bit. 

Flexcut arms those brave souls who do attempt wood carving with a hefty array of larger carving tools, all featuring a fixed 4-1/2″ ash wood handle.  The LH100 deluxe set includes nine different carving blades suited for larger shapes which are not easily pushed with one hand.

Because of the added length of the handles versus standard size, they are suitable for two hand operations or light mallet work (read: whack the crap out of it with a mallet at your own risk).

Street Pricing starts at $179.

LH100 Deluxe Power Handle Set [Flexcut]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: LH100 Deluxe Carving Tool Set

  1. Rob says:

    These gouges are some of the best I’ve ever used. They take an amazingly sharp edge and hold it for a long time. Note that these are not chisels, they are gouges so they are not really meant to be struck but guided by hand.

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