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It’s funny, but why are DIYers always either portrayed as brilliant or stupid?  Personally, I imagine myself kinda in the middle; there are lots of things I don’t know, but I’m not going to glue myself to everything in the shop, either.

FWIW, this ad does come from Toyota South Africa.  Maybe they have a different take down there — they’re certainly willing to buy some ugly cars (assuming the one in the ad sells well).


One Response to Toyota Pokes fun at DIYers

  1. Eric Corson says:

    my only “theory” is that the japanese culture is less of the individual and more of the “team” mentality? They refine other peoples products, but dont invent that many new ideas relative to other cultures. But these are merely the musings of this one diy idiot out thinking in my shop. Really, I dont care what anybodys stereotype is, look at hollywood-the only one stupider than the craftsman in tv or movies is the uniformed cop. F’em!

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