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We’ve got a Workmate in the shop, and we’ll be testing Stanley’s portable soon, but here’s another from Park Tool, who takes the low road by offering a simple workbench.  It has no power, no bult-in clamps, and few accessories.  It’s really targeted at the racing crowd who could use a small, portable work area at the track.

It’s pretty large at 91-1/2cm x 58-1/2cm, so it should provide a little more workspace than you get on a Workmate.  And while it looks perfect for the track, I think I’ll stick to the others in the shop where I have a large workbench, but can use the clamping power from time to time.

They should hit shelves sometime in March, according to Park.

Portable Workbench [Park Tools]


6 Responses to Preview: Park Tools’ Portable Workbench

  1. Rick says:

    Depending on the price, this might work for me. I’m needing a space that I can put near the car with just the tools I’m using for a given task, and room to open up a repair manual… instead of always walking back to the big work bench.

  2. Mark says:

    I thought Park Tools is pretty much only tools for bicycles. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it also looks like this made mostly for someone working on their racing bicycle?

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Rick: That’s exactly the kind of thing I imagined it’d be good for. It’s tempting to compare it to the Workmate, but it seems to be a different beast altogether.

  4. Chuck Cage says:

    Mark: Those are certainly bicycle tools on it in the photo. I thought it might be “repurposed” for other tasks…

  5. MT says:

    Pedro’s, another bicycle tool company, also has a portable work surface, although it’s larger and simpler. (“120x47x82cm when open.”)


  6. joe says:

    I am trying to deside what one im going to get!
    Parks pb-1 workbench or pedros! there is not that many reviews on either, I wish there were some youtube videos on them, that would help me alot!

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