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I catch some hell for wearing these — my friends call ’em “cop boots.”  But what they really are is majorly comfortable.  They’re called “tactical boots,” and they’re designed to feel like sneakers but give you the protection of boots.

So yeah, they’re “cop boots.”

I picked up a pair a while back when I was looking for general “kick around the shop and out in the boonies” boots.  I have a pair of steel-toes, but you don’t always need steel-toe protection, and they’re awfully heavy.  Since I’m not really much of a fashion guy — at least when it comes to work boots — I decided to pick a pair the same way I pick a musical instrument: by how they feel and work, not how they look.  I ended up with these because they work exactly as advertised.

Besides the comfort, they’re also quite practical.  The soles are made of a slip and oil resistant material that sticks quite well.  The difference is noticable when it’s wet out — like today.  And though they’re not particularly pretty, the uppers are leather.  The sides are 1150 denier nylon, which bends easier.

You can, believe it or not, run in these.  I don’t, mainly because I’m lazy as hell.

What I have done in them is stand around all day at an auction, dredge a trailer out of a field, hike around a campsite and the junk yard, and spend a lot of time in the shop.  Good stuff.

The model I own is the Stealth II, selected mainly because I have no need of a side-zip style — since I don’t wear black tactical gear (ever) — and I wanted high boots for the bug/crap protection. 

Pricing starts around $105 online, but I paid quite a bit less for mine on sale — more like $75.  You can find these at most big sporting goods stores or any store that sells “uniform boots.”

And if your friends give you shit about them, just ignore it.  I do.  Or tell ’em Frank wore them in Ocean’s 12.  Anything good enough for Frank should be good enough for us, right?

Stealth II Boots [Magnum]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


10 Responses to Finds: Magnum Work Boots

  1. kythri says:

    I love my Hi-Tec Magnum Stealths.

    Best boot I’ve ever worn, beats out all the big name brand stuff.

    Prices are great, too. I got mine at a Sportman’s Warehouse, size 15, for $65.

  2. nbezanson says:

    I’m rather attached to the steel-toe concept, as I’m quite clumsy in the shop and everywhere. The Mack pair I’m wearing now was $50 or so at Target, which is second only to K-mart in the percentage of merchandise in the store that’s made in China. Magnum’s site didn’t say where their products are made. Anyone?

  3. kythri says:

    Mine say that they’re made in China, but they’re a couple years old (and still looking pretty darned good for being that old). They may have moved production elsewhere, but I seriously doubt it.

  4. Rob says:

    The Magnums are good boots but if you have the money or are really tough on boots, you shold take a look at Redwings (http://www.redwingshoe.com/). They even have a lower end line if the regular stuff is too pricey.

  5. Chuck Cage says:

    Nate: That’s funny — my pair of steel-toes are the Macks from Target as well. Mine have had a major workout, saving my toes on at least one occasion. But like I said, they do get a bit heavy for daily use. Man, you should try the Magnums. They’re incredibly comfortable. I’d say they’re easily the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.

    Though I do totally respect where Rob’s coming from: If you’re tough on them, I hear the Redwings are king. Rob, didn’t you post a comment a while back on the great experience you had with the Redwing shops mixing/matching sizes, etc. to get you the best fit?

  6. Rob says:

    Chuck, that was someone else who was able to mix and match but I was able to find shoes in my crazy wide size (H!). Another plus is that most of the line can be resoled so you don’t always need to buy new boots if the uppers are okay.

  7. Xaq Fixx says:

    I wore magnums almost the entire time I was in the military, you can get these in Steel Toe as well, they cost a bit more, but they are worth it. Be careful though, if you bend the shank it is like you have a rock in your boot you can never get out.

  8. Eric Corson says:

    I had a supervisor once who wore redwings and he was the butt of jokes cuz he left them on the floor by his locker all the time and everyone tripped on his size 15 “freakin frankinboots” so you just cant win. I also hated to look like a nazi storm trooper so i avoided the cop boots, then found by chance on ebay some “nascar” boots made by of all people mechanix wear (the glove people) and finally gave up the leather wolverines after trying these. they are made in china dammit but so far going strong after 1yr.

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  10. Andrew says:

    so by the tool monger community are the mangum boots better than the bates brand of cop type boots?

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