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With nasty weather setting in this last week, our time in the shop has taken on a colder feel.  It seems like it’s always either 100+ or cold as hell in the shop.  I think prefer cold because I can always make it warmer — but colder is difficult.  Well, expensive anyway.  When you’re working near the bench and not moving around much, heaters like this one can help.

It’s a small Lasko 5000-Series heater that has a timer and swinging fins to spread out the heat.  We’ve used it many times and while it doesn’t produce anywhere near the amount of heat to would heat the shop up to a comfortable level, it can provide enough heat to thaw out a small work area.

All in all it’s a good thing to have around.  These units aren’t very expensive and you can find one similar for the $50 – $100 range with some shopping.  Hey — anything is better than freezing your ass off on a cold shop floor.

5000 Series Heater [Lasko]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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