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And just how are drivers going to learn to operate those GPS-guided computer-controlled snowplows?  In a multi-zillion-dollar simulator, of course.

A few years ago the University of Utah put together a course for Utah Department of Transportation snowplow drivers.  It includes classroom time as well as training in motion-based truck simulators built by GE.

Dave Strayer, a U of U professor of psychology and “principal investigator on the snowplow training initiative” said that “the project would pay for itself in terms of savings in fuel, savings in driver safety, and increased public safety overall.”

That was back in ’03.  It’d be interesting to know if it actually did.  One things certain: this makes my excitement over seeing the season’s first “sand truck” seem downright lame.

UDOT’s Snowplow Drivers Utilize High-Tech Simulators to Improve Skills [U of U]


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  1. will byers says:

    you set the bar in tool reviews! I love this site! there are new tools every day! I just cant get enough! love the snow plow,the one I have is not near as complex,but it gets the job done! thats what tools do the get the job done!and you have done just that! You got the job done! I check in here every day for new tools! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! there are lots of toolmongers in this world!

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