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Myself writes: “Wire saws have long been a staple of survival kits, but they come in handy on the jobsite too.  When clearance is too tight for a standard saw or there’s no outlet nearby and your cordless needs charging, just pass the wire saw behind a piece of PVC pipe and pull it back and forth.  Simplicity!

“PVC is pretty easy to cut, and the PVC wire saw is actually a simpler, cheaper version of the common wire saw that’s intended for cutting wood.  The larger handles also set the jobsite saw apart from the survival version.”

This is one of those tools that you’ll keep in your kit for months wondering why you bothered — then pull it out and save your ass with it because it’s the only thing that’ll do the job.  I wasn’t aware that PVC versions are available — I could’ve used this a few years back when I was re-plumbing a badly-designed swimming pool filter system.  There was almost no clearance around the pipes, but this would’ve fit right in.

Not surprisingly, then, the one Myself recommends comes from a company called Cheap Swimming Pool Products and sells for $16.  Froogle turns up a couple more (from other pool places), but they’re all more expensive.

PVC Wire Saw, Spa Tool [Cheap Swimming Pool Products]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



2 Responses to Reader Find: A PVC Wire Saw

  1. Scott says:

    Actually there is a less expensive way of cutting PVC in a low clearance situation. All you need is a poly string, like the kind used to pull wire in conduit, and two pieces of pipe large enough for handles. Use it the same way you would this saw. It cuts very clean and costs about $1. I’ve used this many times in electrical construction.

  2. Randy says:

    Another good way to cut PVC is with the handheld ratcheting pruner style cutters. The saw may let you get into some tight places, but the PCV cutters are pretty small. The main limitation on the ratcheting cutters is that if the pipe gets bigger (greater than 1.5″) you need a bigger pair of ratcheting cutters, more like small bolt cutter size.

    Either way, I like the handheld cutters, and think it’s just about the best way to cut PVC. The only complaint I see on them is that some don’t come with replacement blades if the blade gets dull or breaks. I know that the blades are sold at Lowe’s for the brand that’s sold at Lowe’s. I have a cheap set from Harbor Freight (like $3) and I know how to use a file, so I’m not too worried abut the blade sharpness.

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