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Rick writes: “This is sort of along the lines of the Victorinox RescueTool.  As a firefighter, I should probably look into that one, too, but I realized that I’ve been carrying around the SwissTool for about three or four years now.  I don’t have a lot of experience with the Leatherman branded multi-tools, so I can’t draw a direct comparison, but I do know that after four years of wear — and two of those as a full time general contractor — it’s help up really well.  It came with it’s own ballistic nylon sheeth with belt loop, and it’s never failed me yet.  At this point it’s probably time to rehab it a bit — sharpen the blades up and clean up the phillips screw head as it’s beginning to cam out of screws.  Still, that’s not bad for a 4-year-old bit.”

Read on for more from Rick about the SwissTool RS.

“The standard blade is great, and the saw is good too. I’ve used it to saw through tree branches, etc. in a pinch.  But my favorite is the serrated blade.  (I think they call it a ‘belt cutter’ here.)  That thing cuts through pretty much anything I’ve thrown at it.  Also, one thing I liked versus other ‘off-brand’ multi-tools of this ilk is that the plier pivot point is nice and solid, sans any unwanted — and at times dangerous — play in it.

“Victorinox has a number of different takes on the SwissTool, some at higher price points with fewer features — but a larger more colorful logo on it.  Personally, I like this one.  It gets the job done without too much fanfare, and it’s decently priced.  I actually bought mine at a Sam’s Club for like $85 way back when. Not sure what they go for now.”

It’s funny:  Unlike the RescueTool, the SwissTool RS is easy to find for sale everywhere in the U.S.  It’s tough, however, to find a specific page at Victorinox for the RS itself.  The page linked below is for the SwissTool in general.

They seem to go for around $65 at most places now.  Indeed, they offer quite a few variations as well, which makes it a little difficult to shop; make sure the ones you’re comparing are the same!

The SwissTool [Victorinox]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Reader Finds: The Victorinox SwissTool RS

  1. Rick says:

    One other feature I forgot to mention in my original mail – if you’ll notice in the picture above, the two little rectangles coming off the center gap on the handles.. Those are little sliding mechanisms that lock the tool you’re using in the open position until you’re ready to close it. Then you just slide the rectangles (there’s matching ones on the other side) down and close whatever blade or tool you’re using. (Sorry if that’s a common feature amongst the better multi-tools.. I found that to be pretty neat..

  2. Brad says:

    I like the ruler on it. Nifty in a pinch. Been thinking about picking up a good multi-tool. Anyone have any additional recommendations?

  3. Chris Ball says:

    For other recommendations, I really like the Toolzall models made by Cresent/Cooper Tools, they have an Electrician model with a proper set of wirestrippers and a maintenance model with some very heavy duty scissors (very light tin snips?). They are a bit hard to find outside of the more industrial suppliers but they make up for it by being a fair bit cheaper than an equivilent tool from Leatherman and friends. The electrician model is just about perfect for what it is, it even has locking blades and a proper philips driver except that I’m Canadian and it doesn’t have a #2 Robertson.

    I have a really old leatherman as well and it still works great so really you can’t go too wrong.

    All three have rulers. Really you should probably come up with a list of the things you think your multitool should be able to do and go from there.

    Here are links to a couple places local to me that sell them:
    Toolzall Maintenance Pro: http://www.rpelectronics.com/Default.asp?Main=/English/OnlineCat.asp?Menu=/English/Content/Categories/CatM_82.asp%26Detail=/English/Content/Items/TZ7V.asp
    Toolzall Electrician Pro:
    http://www.kbctools.com and search for Toolzall.

    And yes I’m a lucky guy as both of these places are a short drive from home.

  4. Zach says:

    As for recommendations… I have the Victorinox Swiss Tool. I too have had the same one for about 4 years now– I have had to sharpen the main blade- but also have abused it. It is a solid tool, durable and reliable.

    As for multi-tools- I say this as I wait for a Skeletool CX- but to date my favorite has been my cheap ($30) Gerber tool- it is a great tool- with a flick of the wrist you can open the pliers and be ready to use them. I used this tool in a variety of different construction jobs and for the price it is unbeatable for the convenience , it may not last as long as the Swiss tool- but you can replace it and get another and still be under the cost of one Swiss Tool.
    I love my Swiss tool but after 4 years of having it, it has not loosened up and is a great tool to keep around in a car, at an office- where you might need a random tool in a pinch, if you need a reliable tool that can be used one-handed I say go for the Gerber

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