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Sick of those 70s-inspired — or maybe that should read “sticker-upcharge-inspired” — pinstripes the dealer added to your brand new Honda?  Remove ’em with a pin striping removal kit. 

The kit is really just a 4,000 rpm “Pinstripe Removal Tool” — technically an air powered polisher with a safety lever — and 12 “smart eraser” 3-1/2″ rubber pads. The rubber pads strip the striping off without killing what’s underneath.

If you have the extra hundred dollars to spring for this and need to remove a ton of pin striping it looks like a good deal.

Or, hell, it looks pretty much like a die grinder to me.  I’d guess you could pick up these eraser discs from a variety of sources.

Pinstripe Removal Kit [Astro Pneumatics]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


6 Responses to Finds: Pinstripe Removal Kit

  1. Brad says:

    Before getting custom paint on my sportbike, I opted to save myself some money by removing the various decals that are on the plastic fairings instead of letting the body man charge me for all the extra prep work involved with cleaning them up. That was a PAIN in the @$$, until a buddy of mine turned me on to something like this. Rather than the grueling cycle of removing decals with a heatgun, and then having to cleanup all the adhesive residue with (insert your favorite solvent here), the pinstripe removal tool rubbed off both the decal and the adhesive in one fell swoop. Good stuff. Here’s a couple pics. Some additional graphics were added later.

  2. Rick says:

    Hey Brad.. where’s the link?

    This looks like it might come in handy for removing just the adhesive when you remove emblems from your car too. Lots of guys in the tuner scene like to take off the model designation on their BMWs, and VWs – particularly if they are more pedestrian models. The emblems usually come right off with a little dental floss, but the adhesive residue is always a pain.. like Brad said: “insert favorite solvent here” + elbow grease.

  3. Brad says:

    Rick – Posted images in img tags in the original comment, but they were stripped out. Posted again with links to images, but the comment is awaiting moderation due to the links.

  4. kythri says:

    Yeah, I wonder if the powers that be check the comments on the articles all that frequently.

    When the Fluke Multimeter article was posted, I posted with a link to the same model under the Craftsman brand (Danaher owns Fluke, and builds just about everything for Craftsman), and I think it’s still awaiting moderation.

  5. kyle says:

    If you have a local paint store that caters to profesinal bodymen go in an ask for a pinstripe eraser wheeland you should get a wheel like in the pictue and mounted on a mendrel that you can put in your drill it doesnt even heve to be high speed and to me it is easier to control at a lower speed. We use them all the time for remoning stripes and the dealer decals, but the really work well for removing residue from mouldings and embelms and if you are carful some times you can reuse the old moulding, but be careful as it can eat away plasitc just as quick as decals, but you run no risk of harming the paint

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