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We saw one of these the other day while out picking up some light bulbs oogling tools.  It’s a regular wrench in most respects, except that it has teeth on the open end.  Ok, more like baby teeth.  Ok, really they look more like nubs. 

They’re called Wright Grip, and the manufacturer says that the teeth deliver more torque while “increasing tool life and strength.”  Wright has incorporated the “Grip” design into all their open ended wrenches, which they say provides 50% more strength and “longer service life” than traditional open-end wrenches with no increase in the tool’s outside dimensions of the wrench head.

It looks like it might grip well, though the teeth might shred the fastener if you’re not careful.  Still, any extra gripping power is welcome.  And as we all know: With great power comes great responsibility.

The cost is a bit on the high side at $100 for a set of four or six wrenches.

Wright Grip [Wright Tools]



5 Responses to Finds: Wright Grip

  1. Roscoe says:

    “longer service life”

    Has anyone actually worn out an end wrench?

  2. Myself says:

    The claim makes no sense. If they were willing to back it up with a “we’ll replace the wrench if you wear down the teeth” warranty or something, I’d be game. But c’mon, that’s just nonsense.

  3. Harry says:

    I have worn out a 12 point box end wrench. It was a 13mm Craftsman pro wrench. Probably from it vibrating as I used an impact on the other end. The wright grip teeth are very similiar to those found on Snap on’s flankdrive plus wrenches. They are also like Mac’s knuckle saver, or Matco’s Opti torque, or even KD’s surface drive plus. It’s a modification to the open end of a combination wrench to enable it to grip a fastener better, prevent slipping under load, and to prevent the open end itself from spreading wider than it was made. I was always taught not to break fasteners loose with an open end wrench but, I also know that sometimes in suspension work, nothing else will do. I don’t own the Wright set but, I do have the flankdrive plus wrenches and they will grip and loosen stuff like rusted tie rod end jam nuts where a regular open end would only round off the nut.

  4. Ty Smith says:

    ABSOLUTELY we will replace the wrench if you wear out the teeth (though we have not replaced one for teeth wear yet!). All of our Wright Grip Wrenches are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

    Ty Smith
    Director of Business Development
    Wright Tool Company

  5. Henry says:

    I was at a demonstration of this wrench set during a tool expo. Let me tell you, they knew how to prove their point. The demonstration was as follows:

    They went out and bought brand new wrenches in the same size from all the competitors. There were about 40 different brands. They had a setup to hold a fastener. You got to go up and pick and wrench. I picked craftsman and put all my weight on it until the jaws spread and I rounded the bolt head. This happened with all of the brands except this one. You did the same thing with the Wright Grip and you couldn’t budge it. The salesman said you could keep pushing until the bolt sheared. I have no reason to doubt that because I felt like I was about to shear the head off. Also, amazingly enough, after you rounded off the heads with the other wrenches, you could torque down on it with the Wright Grip with no knuckle busting.

    I wanted to share that b/c I was very fascinated by the difference in something seemingly simple like a wrench. I just wish I could afford a set oh well! Email me if you have questions hleapha@clemson.edu

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