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A perfect circle may indeed be “unattainable” according to mathematicians, but the perfect square is within reach — if you have the right clamps.  Pinnacle’s clamping square and wedge are just the answer for the frame that needs to be perfect on all corners. 

The system consists of a counter-bored square that can be mounted to any flat surface via screws and a wedge that pairs up with the square to create a fixture for forming miter joints.  To adjust and tighten the box, attach the wedge to a threaded stud on a toggle clamp and push it into the frame which creates a stable platform for gluing or nailing.

It makes a good jig system if you find yourself doing the same box over and over again — such as when you’re making picture frames. 

A pair will run around $29 on the woodcraft site but don’t forget the toggle clamp; it runs around $7, but wedge is pretty useless if you don’t have one.

Pinnacle Clamping Square And Wedge [Woodcraft]
Toggle Clamps [Woodcraft]


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