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Eli writes: “I have a plastic file box I bought at Staples.  It’s about a foot square, filled with hanging folders.  When I grew out of it and started shredding my phone bills instead of saving them for four years — I still don’t know why I did that — I was too thrifty to just throw it out.  So it sat on my workbench for a while.

“Then I started putting stuff in it: all my sandpaper and disks, all my tool manuals and warranties, the random hardware catalog.  All the tabbed folders got relabeled with grit numbers.  Instead of trying to paw through a bunch of boxes for sanding disks,  I just pull the folder halfway out and they’re exposed.  It’s the same with paper.  And there’s room under the lid for a sanding block, always ready.”

Nice.  I suppose I shouldn’t admit publicly that all our sandpaper in the Toolmonger shop is in a big crappy pile in a cabinet, and I always have to rifle through it to find what I need — making an even bigger mess for next time.

What’s great is that I — like many of you, I bet — already have one of these boxes laying around that I’m not really using anymore.  Tomorrow it goes to the shop.

And, if you don’t already have one, you can pick one up from your local office supply store for around $10 — or just beg one off a friend or swipe one from work.


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  1. I don’t have enough paper to warrant a bin like that, so I use one of those accordian sorters instead.

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