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Roscoe writes: “This is by far the best snow shovel I’ve used for light snows (less than 3” or so).  The wide blade is great for pushing snow back and forth off the drive, or for clearing a long sidewalk without ever lifting the blade.  Once the snow gets deep enough that it actually needs “shoveled” — and not just “pushed” — this thing is absolutely worthless though.  None the less, we still keep a half dozen on hand in the shop and love them on light snow days.”

This has the ring of truth — way better than crazy contraptions like the “Snow Scoop.”  It’s $35 in lots of 1-3, or if you’re in snow country, they’re $32 in quantities of 4+.

24″ x 10″ UHMW Poly Blade Scraper [Gempler’s]


3 Responses to Reader Find: The Snow Pusher

  1. Zach says:

    Heh, that is a manure scraper…

  2. Myself says:

    The nylon blade had me thinking, why would you need a shovel that smooth in 2 dimensions? For easy washdown, perhaps?

    Normal plastic blades have corrugations in one dimension, so they can be thinner and lighter but stiff enough to do the job.

    This has me thinking now: how light could you make a shovel? I find references to carbon-fiber backpacking shovels, but none for snow removal use. How soon would the price-tag rise into snowblower territory? Clearly this is an area in need of exploration.

  3. jeff says:

    I just use a couple steel pushers. Granted, they are a bit heavier but I’m pushing the shovel, not lifting it. Besides, the leading edge of the steel shovel makes quick work of snow pack.

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