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Kythri writes: “This isn’t so much a tool as an alternative — and an often superior one at that — to WD-40.  It’s saved my bacon a number of times.”

From the Break-Free website:

When the United States Military issued PD-48, a purchase description of properties for a single, multi-purpose product to maintain their weaponry, it became known as the “impossible specification” because of its severe requirements. The first product to meet the challenge – Break-Free CLP.

Break-Free’s flagship product, CLP is a unique formulation of synthetic oils and individual proprietary ingredients which synergize in combination to do three important tasks simultaneously: Effectively Clean, Lubricate and Protect metal. After years of rigorous testing, CLP actually exceeded the Military’s requirements and was approved as a product to meet MIL-L-63460, a new specification. Break-Free CLP is now recognized around the world as the standard by which maximum metal performance and protection is ensured.

That’s a lot of hype, but it seems to me that it’d be with trying out — especially when you consider that street pricing starts around $8 for the 12-ounce aerosol version.

It’s also available in pump-spray bottles (around $14) and small liquid bottle dispensers (around $6).  I wonder if any local places carry it…

Break-Free CLP [Break-Free]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


7 Responses to Reader Find: Break-Free CLP

  1. Douglas Kwan says:

    most gun shops will carry this

  2. Tomp says:

    Walmart carries the spray can variety in the hunting section. The Break-Free website also has a list of major retailers that carry their product:


    And CLP does live up to the hype. WD-40 is fine if you just need rust prevention, but it isn’t that great at lubrication, which is what many people use it for. CLP is a real lubricant, and the difference is noticeable.

  3. kythri says:

    Fortunately, Wal-Mart does carry it, and they’re pretty prevalent.

    I normally end up getting mine at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

    I’d like to see Break-Free start marketing this a bit better, outside of the firearms world.

  4. Roscoe says:

    Remington’s Rem-Oil is a similar product that I’ve had around the shop anyway and taken to using in place of WD-40. On of the neat advantages of Rem-Oil is that it is not only cheap and readily available, but also comes in all manner of shapes and sizes from oil dropper bottles to various sizes of aerosol cans.

    I heard a Remington factory rep give a talk one time about the LA police department misting their 870’s with WD40 on a regular schedule until it caused one to misfire when trying to put down a crazed dog from all re residue in the action. LAPD complained to Remington and Remington developed Rem-Oil after discovering their guns were fine, but there wasn’t a suitable aerosol lubricant on the market.

  5. Bowen says:

    I know a few gun guys who swear by Break Free.

  6. Old Donn says:

    Break Free is the go-to stuff with gun guys, and it’s a fine product, but Roscoe’s right. Rem-Oil’s every bit as good and less dough

  7. WJB says:

    Walmart a Break Free CLP can in the hunting section, it’s branded as winchester, but right under the winchester name it ahs the split cirlce logo and says break free clp right there on the can…I didn’t pay too much for it either, i think it was $3+- for a 4 oz can and $7+- for the big can

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