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There was a question today about putting a cap on a tube of caulk that would keep it from spilling everywhere that got me to thinking.  I used to work in a print shop that used different-sized plastic caps and plugs from Stock Cap all the time.  These caps were great because you never had to worry about breaking one or mistreating it — just grab another one. 

Stock Cap has extensive molding capabilities that allow for a wider selection of vinyl, rubber and plastic plugs and plastic caps for general product protection.  It’s the largest dip-molding company in the world, so more than likely they’re going to have what you need.

They’re nice people, and they have a great website.  The only hitch is that you get a lot of caps/plugs per order — a few thousand for about $40 — so you’d better make sure you need a few, or else split the order with a buddy or two (or ten).

If you’re a pro and you burn through a lot of plugs or caps, this is defiantly the way to go as they’re going to have what you need.

Caps and Plugs [Stock Caps]


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