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A serious shop that does a great deal of restoration or blasting will normally always have a parts washer tucked away somewhere.  They don’t always have to be huge — like the 50 gallon kind — but the medium sized ones like the 20 gallon from ATD are super useful. 

This 20 gallon version features a 135 gallons-per-hour output pump and has a large,  removable work shelf and parts basket for smaller dirty objects.  The tank itself measures 29”x20”x10” so there’s room for all the nasty larger parts than need some gunk removal.

The good news is a unit like this will likely last a very long time — probably longer than some of the parts that go though it — so your $120 investment will pay for itself over time.

And they’re always Harbor Freight…

20-Gallon Capacity Parts Washer [ATD]
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