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I know our Canadian Toolmongers out there are laughing their asses off right now, but when you live in the southern midwest, below freezing is cold.  What’s worse is that we’re generally completely unprepared for it, so whenever you see something like the picture above from weather.com you can expect long lines at the gas pump and grocery store where everyone’s gassing, batterying, and bottled-watering up for the apocalypse.

Assuming the power stays on — I said stop laughing — I thought it might be fun to bring you a bevy of cold-weather-related tools today.  Of course, since I’m a southern-midwesterner (with a brief stint in Florida, which helps none at all), you’ll probably submit some better ideas — which I’ll happily include.

Here goes.


2 Responses to It’s Freakin’ Cold Today

  1. James says:

    It’s funny that you say you’re unprepared. Here in Halifax, we don’t prepare at all for anything.

    Our first (and only, so far) snow storm of this season occurred a month or two ago. It wasn’t even a real storm, a few centimeters of snow fell during the day. The entire city instantly forgot how to drive and by the evening rush hour, routes that normally took 5-10 minutes were taking 2-3 hours to traverse.

    I had snow tires put on my car a few weeks beforehand, but apparently nobody else did, so a bunch of us at my work simply walked to a bar to wait it out. We occassionally looked out the window to see the same cars waiting in traffic. When it started moving normally at around 9:00PM we went home.

    The following day, there was a 3-4 week wait to get snow tires installed. 🙂

  2. J Wynia says:

    Heh. I just came in from 45 minutes of shoveling snow here in MN where it’s 26 degrees colder than that (6°F). The whole neighborhood was out shoveling. The funny thing is that it actually snowed last night (about 6 inches) and no one on the street bothered to clean it up until tonight. We just drove through it this morning and went to work.

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