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Back in high school a friend of mine was always working on some car or another.  He wasn’t that cool guy who always had some kind of uber-engine almost ready to go in his sweet-ass ‘rod, though.  He just wanted transportation and was always trying to put together one of his parent’s rejected junkers from the front yard.

Laugh all you want — the man had transportation.  And he also had an ugly-ass set of insulated coveralls that kept him warm while he rebuilt that stupid GM converted-diesel-350-powered Delta 88 together for the 13th time just before Christmas.

My friend’s pair was brown, which is an entirely more practical color than don’t-shoot-me-I’m-not-a-deer orange, but for some reason orange just seems cooler, um, nicer.

Maybe it’s because it looks remarkably like what the guys who work on Vipers in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica wear:


Either way, this warm-man’s-onesie features a polyester brushed shell with a water resistant laminate on the outside, a polyester lining on the inside, and heavy-weight poly “Fiberfill” insulation between.  Good stuff — just don’t let it catch fire.

Street pricing starts around $50.  All cotton versions are available — but much more expensive. 

The Legend II Insulated Coverall [Walls Industries, Inc.]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



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