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You can be cold all you want — or you can be smart and bundle up — but once your hands get cold and you can’t manipulate small items, you’re just wasting your time.  Ringers Gloves makes a couple of different insulated mechanics gloves to keep your fingers warm and on the job.

After using a couple of different brands, we keep coming back to Mechanix for general-purpose mechanic’s gloves — but if we were going to be out in the shop today, I think I might appreciate the insulation offered by Ringers.  They sell two versions: one with leather (pictured) and another without.  The leather ones are awfully pretty, but I suspect that the synthetic ones would better withstand dirt and grime — which is usually what destoys gloves in our shop.

It looks like the leather version streets for just shy of $50 while you can find a synthetic pair for more like $25.  I’m a cheap-ass when it comes to shop gloves, because I know they’re going to end up in the can relatively soon.  Guess which one I’ll buy?

Insulated Mechanic’s Gloves [Ringers Gloves]
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