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Sears helpfully sent out a great advertisement on treadmills to the Craftsman email list today.  (I’m not saying that I don’t need one.  It’s just not something that I’ll write about here.)  On the other hand, when I checked out the tool section of Sears.com, I did notice that they have a number of relatively pricey tools on post-holiday closeout — like the Craftsman Professional Telescopic Transmission Jack pictured above.  It’s currently marked down to $489 from $700.

(If you’re thinking, “There’s no way I’m gonna pay five-freakin’-hundred bucks for a transmission jack, you’re not alone.  But it made a good example of the kind of items that’re on sale.)

Anyway, check out the like below — which’ll probably stop working soon — to see some of the other stuff on clearance.

Post-Holiday Closeouts [Sears, Warning: Temp Link]


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