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Diluded writes: “Nearly every shop has the brace for a bit & brace set hanging on the wall collecting dust.  I value old tools as much as the next guy, but unless you’re using a spoon bit to make chairs, the brace isn’t very practical for most drilling. 

“These screwdriver bits look like a simple way to put the brace back in action.  Unlike with battery-powered cordless screwdrivers, these make it easy to put your weight in a straight line with the bit.”

Nice!  I suspect these would be a nice addition to the ‘kit.  ToolsForWorkingWood.com has them in 6mm blade, 8mm blade, 10 mm blade, and #1/#2 and #3/#4 Phillips ranging in price from $11 to $20.

Screwdrivers for Braces [ToolsForWorkingWood.com]



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