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question-tm.jpgAs you might imagine, I have quite a few tools.  Hell, I had quite a few tools before Toolmonger, and afterward — well, I have the same problem you people do: Every time I see a great “reader find,” I end up running to the store to pick one up.

But I don’t have a good set of precision screwdrivers.  I have a couple of sets of relatively crappy precision screwdrivers, but I’m ready to invest a few bucks and pick up some that’ll outlast me — know what I mean?

So what do you Toolmongers out there have to say about brands when it comes to the little ‘drivers?  I know Wiha makes a couple of decent-looking sets, and there’re always the major-manufacturer standbys.  But do any of you have a set that your really love?


16 Responses to Question: Who makes the best precision screwdrivers?

  1. Gapsard de Coligny says:

    I bought a full set (flat/philips/torx/hexa) from Proxon few year ago. Little pricey 246frs by then (make that 38 euro, or 38$ at the time, but more like a brazillion USD today…) Except for the awfull khaki/mustard color of the brand, have always performed well.

    From their website:

    Set NO 28 148
    Set 15 pcs

  2. Douglas Kwan says:

    im a fan of the husky 8 in 1. 6 bucks at home depot. philips and flat, and a torx version too. the bits store in the handle

  3. Mike Beversluis says:

    The Wihas really are nice.

  4. Sir_Stuey says:

    I use a cheapo radios shack set for slot and phillips screws. For small hex screws, I use Craftsman. However, I’ve recently purchased a few sizes from McMaster Carr. They’re Bondhus brand, and are of fantastic quality and extremely affordable.

    Take a gamble and order a set from McMaster Carr. You won’t know what brand the set is until you get it, but you can trust them to sell you good quality stuff.

  5. b0j3 says:

    I recently bought a set of Wihas and I love them.

  6. Lorenzo says:

    I have a set of Wiha’s that came with my PortaBrace kit. I occasionally do some set light rigging and have a sweet belt kit that came with a nice set of tools… from the Wiha’s to the Leatherman to the MiniMaglite and more, it’s been one of the best and most functional tool set that I’ve used over the years. I highly recommend the Wiha set.

  7. Myself says:

    Wiha is good stuff. I’ve been happy with that affordable little Boxer set I submitted a while back, and honestly my favorite little driver is the Swisstech micro-plus, in anodized black. Some of the newer tools (particularly the stainless) have cast rather than machined points, which suck, but the older ones were incredibly well made.

  8. Eric says:

    Snap-on tools are pretty incredible. Pricey yes, but well worth it in my opinion.

  9. Mark says:

    Been using Xcelite for 30 years.
    Xcelite is the best.
    Always has been, always will be.

  10. olderty says:

    I got a set from Craftsman. Haven’t done me wrong. It’s also nice to know I can exchange them when they fail as chisels.

  11. Randy says:

    I have the same Husky chage bit sets as Doug Kwan. They do everything I’ve needed to do so far. I guess if I used microdrivers a lot more, I’d get a better set, but they are a lot of tool for the price. My only complaint is that they have a ball detent in the bit shaft, and sometimes the bit slips out of the handle if it is not well seated.

    I have a couple of individual Craftsman microdrivers, and they are nicer, but would take up a lot more room than the Huskys for a full set.

  12. CyberKender says:

    I have both the Huskys that store the bits in the handle and a number of the Craftsman microdrivers. I picked them up primarily for working on computers. The Crafstmans have been quite satisfactory, but I’ve broken the tip on the smalled Torx bit and the largest flat bit of the Husky ones. (Both happened when I was using them as screwdrivers, and not chisels or prybars.) The Husky ones are nice for being so compact, but I like the length of the Crafsman ones for being able to reach into tight spaces.

  13. David Moisan says:

    I got a Craftsman set 10 years ago–a delight!–and am still using it today. Radio Shack has a nice set of mini-drivers I like. (Note that it is NOT the el-cheapo mini drivers they usually sell, but a mini handle and a set of bits.)

  14. Phillip says:

    I’ve tried them all. Professionally repairing musical instruments and other precision mechanisms, including electronics for years
    Willi Hahn’s (WiHa) multiple handle styles beat them all, hands down. CK, Xcelite’s and Proxxon’s aren’t bad for runners up.

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