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Doing your own framing is both rewarding and an imperial crapton cheaper than paying to have it done — assuming you have the right tools.  One of the more necessary tools in framing is a framing and glazing gun, which attaches mattes to frames easily and accurately. 

It works like a horizontal staple gun; the reversible head works with 1/2″ framing or 1/4″ glazing points.  It drives points exactly parallel to and flush with picture backing or glass.  It also reduces the chances of tearing any backing or of cracking the glass.

The driver has adjustable tension to allow you to choose your driving depth according to the type of wooden frame you are working with.  Since the broad, flat points hold better than brads, you also need fewer of them to do the same job.

Street pricing starts at $88.

Framing and Glazer Tool [Lee Valley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



4 Responses to Finds: Framing and Glazer Tool

  1. Dan Sroka says:

    Another good source for point drivers is American Frame. They have a good one for $65.

  2. Tyrone says:

    I bought a Fleximaster Point Driver from Light Impressions Direct. It’s an awesome tool. Once I start making my own frames, I can get even more use out of it. Right now, I can buy a standard frame inexpensively and put it together the way I want.

    And it is a metric buttload cheaper.

  3. Mona Henderson says:

    I need staples for the above stapler, where do I get them?

  4. Walter Kennamer says:

    Mona, the glazing points are available from:

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