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It may look like this guy is engaging in a rousing game of tractor polo, but what he’s actually doing us cleaning up the turf a bit while not getting off his ride.  The E-Z Reacher is a tool that is designed to make you more lazy, and we’ve got to respect that. 

It’s essentially a lever grip operated grabber that allows you to pick up virtually anything without using your hands.  A squeeze of the E-Z Reacher’s handle pushes the non-slip rubber gripper cups together and bam, the item is snared in the jaws and ready to be transported whenever you deem appropriate.

The E-Z Reacher is a fairly straightforward tool to handle a straightforward problem: You don’t want to stoop over or get up to get something.   Think of the E-Z as a 4 foot arm extension.

Street Pricing starts at $19.

E-Z Reacher [exreacher]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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