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Back in the day when I was a (cringe) Cub Scout, the coolest event of the year was the pinewood derby.  Kids and Dads from around the area would gather ’round the workbench and figure ways to make the fastest — and most importantly coolest —pinewood vehicle ever.  Now Dremel’s getting in on the father/son bonding market with the Dremel derby car kit sporting a “regulation” block of wood and a few appropriate Dremel bits. 

The kit comes in a race car shaped clam plastic clamshell.  It includes half a dozen Dremel bits including a small drill bit, a disc sander attachment, and a cylindrical file that should make carving up and smoothing out the future trophy winner a snap.

Not having built a pinewood racer in some years I look back and find that I’m jealous that kids today get a crack at a Dremel project this early in life.   I envy them the lack of “sanding wrist” they will (so unfairly) not experiance because they’re using a high-speed power tool like the Dremel.

Win or lose, the memories made building the car are worth the $30 entry point for the kit, even if your kid isn’t in scouts.

Derby Car Kit [Dremel]



2 Responses to Finds: Dremel Derby Car Kit

  1. Clyde says:

    If you have a moment to post this review in Amazon I would appreciate it. A little exposure never hurts. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001KYH54O/?seller=A30AVB1JDGCT9B

  2. ToolMan says:

    It looks as though Dremel has added to what you say and built a website to support the upcoming Lowe’s events in January & February (www.dremelderby.com). Pretty cool site where you can design your own car as well. Also, if you look on the tools page it looks like they have changed their kit from the one you have pictured to a racing truck (tools page).

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