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James writes: “The magnetic finger glove from yesterday looks interesting, but the magnet probably won’t hold a nut of bolt in place while the complementary part turns.  Lee Valley did it better and cheaper with their Finger Wrench.  Made of high-impact ABS, it will keep your nut or bolt from moving.”

Very nice, indeed.  The shape of the slot in the top of the wrench looks like it’d actually hold the nut or bolt in place.  I’m going to order one of these.

They’re available directly from Lee Valley for $3.50 each, or $3.15 each for orders of five or more — which’d also make shipping easier to swallow.  Group buy, anyone?

The Finger Wrench [Lee Valley]



2 Responses to Reader Find: The Finger Wrench

  1. Lorenzo says:

    I’d have to add the “Why in the hell didn’t I think of this?!” line to this post… I can’t imagine how many times that would have saved minutes and aggravation.

  2. Bill says:

    Be careful with your power-driver!

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